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About Euro-Hostel

We warmly invite you to our Hostel, which is situated in the most representative part of Krakow, in the vicinity of the finest monuments in the very heart of the Old Town, a short distance from the Main Square. The Hostel is located on the ground floor of a lovely tenement house, whose windows give fine views of Krakow’s unique park – Planty. The significant element, distinguishing our Hostel, is the specific design of the interior. Each room is decorated in a different style and has its own atmosphere and character, which altogether forms a genuine and intriguing combination. This special atmosphere creates a basis for great relaxation after an exhausting and exciting sightseeing trip in the town. The uniqueness of the design of each room will make each of your stays in our Hostel really special and it will perpetuate your memories from your visit in Krakow – a city where everybody wants to return. Our offer is aimed at a wide audience. We are sure that everybody will feel excellent in our premises. We offer rooms to our guests, which have the capacity of 2, 4, 6 and 8 persons, respectively; altogether a lodging for 60 people. The rooms complimented with fully-equipped bathrooms (including washing machines) make our Hostel a perfect place for students, for instance. As regards more demanding customers, for whom privacy is the priority, we offer a double room with a separate bathroom.



An important element of our distinctive Hostel, is the specific design of individual premises. Each of them is arranged in a separate, distinctive style, and the whole composes a very original and interesting. This unique atmosphere of relaxation is the foundation of success, after exhaustive - full of excitement - tours of the castle Krak. This unique design of each of the rooms will make each visit to our Hostel unforgettable and outstanding way will perpetuate the impression of staying in Krakow - the city where you want to come back.



Our additional asset is the food offer: our guests are entitled to order either a full, three-meal option (breakfast, lunch, dinner), or selected meals. The food is served in a bistro in the closest vicinity (the same tenement house). Bering in mind the variety of tastes and culinary preferences of our guests, we provide a kitchen area equipped with a fridge and a kettle, which is at our guests’ disposal at all times.



Our Hostel offer is addressed to a wide audience. We are convinced that every Guest will feel great with us. We prepared 3 rooms for visitors, which can accommodate respectively, 4, 6 and 8 persons - a total 18 beds. Supplemented by bathrooms, equipped with full bathroom and an automatic washing machine, which makes our Hostel an ideal place e.g. for students. For those more demanding, highly valuing thier privacy, we offer our 2-bed room with a separate bathroom.



Being aware of the fact that nowadays independence and mobility are greatly appreciated features, we guarantee free Internet access with WiFi to our guests. Difficulties connected with sending an e-mail, lack of access to information or contacting the dearest people are out of the question in our Hostel.



The convenient location of the Hostel (near the Main Bus and Train Station) helps you to devote the time spent in our town to what is really the purpose of your visit. Carrying heavy luggage? -Sounds alien to us... We provide transport from the airport for those travelling by plane.

For All coming to Krakow we, as usual, offer cheap accommodation in the heart of Krakow



What favours our hostel is that free WiFi Internet is included in our price of accommodation. We kindly invite you to our Hostel and we wish you a pleasant stay!

Euro Hostel Team